Take your game to the next level

You’ve nailed the basics. Now it’s time to start leveling up your game. The APPL intermediate league flights 3.5 and 4.0 are perfect for players looking to sharpen their skills and explore the strategic side of pickleball with similarly skilled players. You’ll get some more serious competition without ever losing the community aspect of team-based pickleball.

Start Mastering the Court

Level Up

You’ve got most of the rules and basic techniques down. Our intermediate league takes your game to the next level, giving you the chance to break out of your beginner’s league box and start mixing up your playing style.

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Good pickleball involves good strategy. As you work on improving your shots and perfecting your forehand and backhand, you’ll start picking up on game nuances and developing strategies that make the game more competitive—and more addictive.

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Be Consistent

As an intermediate player, you’re probably looking for some more serious game time. In addition to developing more consistent skills, you’ll find players that are also committed to playing and practicing on a regular basis.

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