2023 APPL State Championships Results

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Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place
Women Open 3.0 EVR Team Maryann Stegall WVR JW Lady Lobbers SR TRC Real Dills
Women Open 3.5 EVR The Real Dills SR TCC La Paloma WVR KaWickiDinks
Women Open 4.0 EVR Desert Dinkers WVR Dinkerbelles SR Big Dills
Women Open 4.5/5.0 WVR Charlie’s Angels EVR Dynamic Duos

EVR Team Maryann Stegall

Captain: Maryann Stegall

EVR The Real Dills

Captain: Judy Smee

Co-captain: Jill Heywood

EVR Desert Dinkers

Captain: Caitlin Hanson

Co-captain: Stephanie Sandel

WVR Charlie’s Angels

Captain: Jan Yu

Co-captain: Takako Tourangeau

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men Open 3.5 EVR Pickle Chefs WVR Sterling Grove
Men Open 4.0 SR Wolf Pack EVR Heavy Dinkers WVR Kitchen Grillers
Men Open 4.5/5.0 WVR Uhl Be Sorry EVR Team Acceltec

EVR Pickle Chefs

Captain: Joshua Cohen
Co-captain: Tanner Targowski

 SR Wolf Pack

Captain: Bill Berk
Co-Captain: Tony Abrams

WVR Uhl Be Sorry

Captain: David Uhl

Co-Captain: Jim Peden

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mixed Open 2.5 EVR Keep Calm and Pickle On WVR Designated Dinkers
Mixed Open 3.0 EVR We Dink So WVR Pickled Peeps
Mixed Open 3.5 EVR Desert Dills WVR Sterling Grove
Mixed Open 4.0 EVR Team Acceltec SR Prickly Paddles WVR Happy Trailers

EVR Keep Calm and Pickle On

Captain: Scott Johnson

Co-captain Patty Guidice

EVR We Dink So

Captain: Maryann Stegall

EVR Desert Dills

Captain: Kate Rozsa

Co-captain: Tommie Deitering

EVR Team Acceltec

Captain: Sebastian Babon

Co-captain: Anil Nampally

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Women 55+ 2.5 EVR Province Hot Shots WVR Picklin’s
Women 55+ 3.0 EVR Red Hot Picklers WVR OMG! SR Rincon West Paddle Up CGR Lady Anthem
Women 55+ 3.5 SR Kitchen Heat EVR Simply Smashing WVR Kitchenettes CGR Paddle Pushers
Women 55+ 4.0 SR Dink N Drive WVR Day of the Dink Tie by Default

EVR Twisted Sisters

CGR Bring It On

Women 55+ 4.5/5.0 WVR Shake N Bake EVR Just Dill With IT

EVR Province Hot Shots

Captain: Peggy Tomo

Co-Captain: Connie Erickson

EVR Red Hot Picklers

Captain: Jeanne Seger

Co-captain: Wendy Austin

SR Kitchen Heat

Captain: Diana Wilcox
Co-captain: Vicki Nelson

SR Dink and Drive

Captain: Ginny Taylor

Co-captain: Vicky Anzldua

WVR Shake N Bake

Captain: Janelle Barclay Lobmeir

Flight Champions 2nd Place
Men 65+ 3.5 SR Dill Pickles WVR Village People
Men 65+ 4.0 WVR Paddle Up SR The Qualienators

SR Dill Pickles

Captain: Kurt Simpson

Co-captain: Gary McMillan

WVR Paddle Up

Captain: Tom Bottorf

Co-captain: Bruce Kaplan

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Men 55+ 3.0  CGR Province Gold EVR TVR Hotshots WVR Armour Knights
Men 55+ 3.5 SR Saddlebrooke Young Guns EVR Las Palmas Grande CGR Robson Ranch Rebels WVR Anthem Silver Slammers
Men 55+ 4.0 EVR Ballbusters CGR Robson Ballbusters WVR Down the Hatch SR Rattlers
Men 55+ 4.5/5.0 WVR Creeks & Rivers CGR Recnballz EVR Overdrive SR The Ranch

CGR Province Gold

Captain: Bob Brauch

Co-captain: Thomas Lohse

SR Saddlebrooke Ranch Young Guns

Captain: Pat Hawkins

Co-captain: Mike Schuster

EVR Ballbusters

Captain: Chris Kamper

Co-captain: Iane Liley

WVR Creeks & Rivers

Captain: Alex Potapoff

Co-captain: Steven Schaefer


Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Mixed 55+ 3.0 EVR Encore Court Jesters WVR Perfect Strangers CGR Merrill Ranch
Mixed 55+ 3.5 WVR Let’s Make a Dill SR TBD EVR Mixed Nuts CGR Wine’ers
Mixed 55+ 4.0 WVR Nobody Gets Those EVR Troubled Doubles SR Gallery G&G CGR Paddle Tappers
Mixed 55+ 4.5/5.0 WVR Team Victory EVR Mixing in Action CGR Amistad SR The Ranch

EVR Encore Court Jesters

Captain: Cheryl Breiland

Co-captain: Debbie Bacon

WVR Let’s Make a Dill

Captain: Linda Carraras

Co-Captain: Terry Fites

WVR Nobody Gets Those

Captain: Tom Bottorf

Co-captain: Sandy Zitzke

WVR Team Victory

Captain: Jan Yu

Co-captain: Takako Tourangeau