Meet Our Key Players

The Arizona Pickleball Player’s League (APPL) is a nonprofit organization that was founded and is currently led by a group of volunteers with a shared desire to make competitive team-based league pickleball available to players all throughout Arizona.

Greg Mather
APPL Inc., President

Founder of Arizona Pickleball Player’s League, Greg now serves as the organization’s president and league commissioner.

Bob Ham
APPL Inc., Vice President/Strategic Initiatives

Here since the organization’s beginning, Bob has taken the lead on several strategic projects supporting APPL’s objectives. Bob’s current goal as head of Strategic Initiatives is to help players not currently on a team find a home in the APPL community.

Brian Shipman
APPL Inc., Secretary/Treasurer

Wearing a variety of administrative hats including managing our legal and corporate requirements, Brian and his efforts also led to the creation of the Casa Grande community-based league and its incorporation into APPL.

Alexa Erjavic
APPL Player and Volunteer Relations Manager

Alexa's role is to ensure our communications, processes, assimilation and tools are effective for our players and volunteers.

Steve Manolis
Strategic Initiatives/Player Development

Steve currently is one of our key contacts for the development of instructional programs and player development. Steve also has several teaching pro certifications and is a certified ratings clinician. 

Carol Barron
West Valley Region Director/Media Relations

Also here since the organization’s beginning, Carol was largely responsible for the formation of the APPL West Valley region. Carol also serves as our APPL Media Relations contact and our USA Pickleball liaison.

Brenda Aly
APPL Web/Systems Administrator

Managing the maintenance and updates to APPL's website as well as all APPL regional websites, Brenda has been largely responsible for making our software systems interfaces user friendly and easy to learn and navigate.

Missy Myers
East Valley Region Director

Instrumental in the development of the East Valley Region's Women's Division, Missy also is responsible for one of APPL's Strategic Objectives to continuously improve the player experience.

Priscilla Scott
Southern Region Director

Priscilla has played an important role in the development and growth of the APPL Southern Region. She is a leader in general pickleball growth with her involvement in the Tucson Area Pickleball organization.

Missy Myers
EVR Regional Director

Alexa Erjavic
EVR Admin

Gregg Garthright
EVR Men’s Division League Coordinator

Deb Albert
EVR Women’s Division League Coordinator

Ruth Elliott
EVR Women’s Division 4.5/5.0 Flight Coordinator

Andy Stowe
EVR Mixed Division League Coordinator

Geno Kochert
EVR Venue Relationship Manager

Carol Barron
WVR Regional Director

Brenda Aly
WVR Admin

Tom Bottorf
WVR Men’s Division League Coordinator
WVR Venue relationship Manager

Carol Acker
WVR Women’s Division League Coordinator

Sandy Scanlon
WVR 65+ League Coordinator

Brian Shipman
CGR Regional Director

Janett Kline
CGR Admin

Jim Reynolds
Robson Community Admin

Rob Schneider
Palm Creek Community Admin

Kurt Bauer
Dave White Community Admin

Gerry Bertrand
Mission Royale Community Admin (Men)

Debbie John
Mission Royale Community Admin (Women/Mixed)

Jay Schwartz
Sun City Anthem/Merrill Ranch Community Admin

Elaine Gonzales
Encanterra Community Admin

Priscilla Scott
SR Regional Director

Tammy Iffrig
SR Admin

Melissa Wilson
SR Admin

Scot Ritchie
SR Men’s Division League Coordinator

Priscilla Scott (acting)
SR Women’s Division League Coordinator

Pam McCallum
SR Mixed Division League Coordinator

“The West Valley APPL league play was a great way for us to meet players from other resorts and have some very competitive pickleball play too. We are excited about creating more teams from Happy Trails this year, and look forward to another fun year of pickleball play.”

Bill Knopp (West Valley Region Team Captain, Happy Trailers)