Start discovering your pickleball potential

Get a feel for the game of pickleball while making lifelong connections in APPL’s entry level leagues 2.5 and 3.0 flights. The perfect fit for entry level players. You’ll find a supportive and friendly community that shares a passion for getting out on the court, learning to play this popular game, expanding their player network, and having a ball while doing it.

Find your region

APPL is statewide, operating out of the Southern, Casa Grande, East and West Valley Regions.

Join the league

Contact your club administrator, start your own team, or reach out to APPL about joining a team.

Connect with others

Enjoy the social connections you’ll make with other APPL players that last well beyond the court.

Compete in your skill group

Play against other entry-level players in a team-based format that the established tournament infrastructure doesn’t offer.

Hit the Court with Confidence

Learn the basics

Pickleball is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a ball and paddle before. From the transition zone to the kitchen and drop shots to dinks, you’ll quickly pick up the rules, lingo, and basic skills in our entry-level leagues.


Connect with others

Making genuine connections with others isn’t always easy. Our team-based pickleball gives players a chance to join a supportive community and create strong friendships with other enthusiastic players.


Friendly competition

Everyone loves a little competition. While you’re meeting new people and learning about the game, you’ll get to experience the fun of pickleball that makes it so addicting and one of the fastest growing sports.