We were frustrated with the voids that existed in pickleball. . .

So we did something about it. After founding the first team-based pickleball league in 2012, the East Valley Interclub League (EVIL), Greg Mather and a team of volunteers created  the Arizona Pickleball Players League (APPL). APPL brings an organized and team-based format to others who had not experienced pickleball league play before. Now more than 3,000 people across the state of Arizona are making meaningful connections and developing new skills with  other players. Players participate on 6-10 player teams using a format that had not existed before in their pickleball community.

APPL’s one-of-a-kind team-style structure is making Arizona pickleball more accessible and more exciting than ever before.


APPL makes it easy for the players to participate in matches and experience the thrill of competition.


We love competition, but it’s not everything. APPL strikes the perfect social and competitive balance.


APPL gives players the chance to play consistently while growing their pickleball community.

Never again feel out of your league.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, as an APPL player, you’ll crave the excitement of competing against others at your level.


Our league-based format makes it easy for players to expand their social circle and form friendships on and off the court.


With APPL, there’s no more need for long commutes and all-day commitments to get in some good game time.

Costs Less

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy pickleball, so participating in APPL is low-cost but gives you significant play time.

“I love the pickleball league concept. It’s a great way to enjoy organized competitive games with minimal cost and lots of flexibility. Had a fun season with my team and look forward to seeing league play take off in Arizona and on a national level. Excellent addition to tournament and recreational play.”

Vicki Foster (3x National Champion Tournament & Teaching Pro)