2024 APPL State Championships Results

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Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place
Women 18+3.0 EVR Creekers SR Legally Brined
Women 18+3.5 SR Kitchen Friction EVR Kitchen Krew WVR Miss Hits

EVR Creekers

Captain: Jamee Corbet
Co-Captain: Stacy Edwards

SR Kitchen Friction

Captain: Jan Garcia

Co-captain: Christine Collins

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Women 50+ 2.5 EVR Sunland Slammers WVR WR Kitchen Divas
Women 50+ 3.0 WVR Team Victory EVR Pickled Pink SR TRC Real Dills CGR Sweet Pickles
Women 50+ 3.5 EVR AZ Pickleball SR SBR Spicy Pickles WVR Team Head CGR The Dinking Dolls
Women 50+ 4.0 SR Drop Squad CGR Rally Cats EVR Simply Smashing WVR Dink Positive
Women 50+ 4.5 WVR Shake N Bake EVR No Strings Attached
Women 50+ 4.5/5.0 SR The Ranch Women CGR Senior Drivers

EVR Sunland Slammers

Captain: Glenda Wilson

Co-Captain: Lori Sayler

WVR Team Victory

Captain: Linda Turner

Co-captain: Darcy Wong

EVR AZ Pickleball

Captain: Linda Hamstra
Co-captain: Chien Edwards

SR Drop Squad

Captain: Carol Hammerl

Co-captain: Sharon Falor

WVR Shake N Bake

Captain: Janelle Barclay Lobmeir

SR The Ranch Women

Captain: Marti Grasser

Co-Captain: Melanie Van Delden

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Women 65+ 2.5 WVR Dinkettes EVR SSV Charley’s Angels
Women 65+ 3.0 CGR Pickly Pairs WVR Ladies Dinker SR Dill Me IN EVR LPGW
Women 65+ 3.5 EVR Game ON SR Hot Shots WVR Tiddly Dinks CGR Amazing Aces
Women 65+ 4.0 WVR PEM Lady Picklers SR Soft Serve

WVR Dinkettes

Captain: Eleanor Marine

Co-Captain: Dinah Benbrook

CGR Pickly Pairs

Captain: Terry Sisson

Co-captain: Janice Fullen

EVR Game On

Captain: Deb Bell

WVR PEM Lady Picklers

Captain: Charleen Hutton

Co-captain: Julie Carver

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place
Men 18+ 3.0 CGR Little Dinks EVR Keep Calm & Pickle ON
Men 18+ 3.5 EVR Ball Busters WVR Sterling Grove Aces

CGR Little Dinks

Captain: Rodrigo Espejo
Co-captain: Demetrious Perry

EVR Ball Busters Men 18+ 3.5

Captain: Craig Halver
Co-captain: Mark Keisling
Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Men 50+ 3.0  EVR TVR Alpha 9 WVR The Sterling Silvers SR Javelinas
Men 50+ 3.5 SR Whatcha Dinking EVR TVR Bad Habits CGR Sun City Slammers WVR Victory Bombers
Men 50+ 4.0 WVR Victors EVR TVR Bangers SR Oro Valley Roadrunners CGR Casa Grande Roadrunners
Men 50+ 4.5/5.0 CGR Rec’nBallz  SR The Ranch Mens

EVR TVR Alpha 9

Captain: Ken Pavesic

Co-captain: Kevin Sisson

SR Whatcha Dinking

Captain: John Stickney

Co-captain: Paul Dominski

WVR Victors

Captain: Stephen Turner

Co-captain: Sandy Cumby

CGR Rec’nBalllz

Captain: Scott Frank

Co-captain: Brian Martin

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Men 65+ 3.0 EVR Encore Kitchen Heat WVR Poachers Anonymous SR The Tire Biters CGR Province Golden Boys
Men 65+ 3.5 EVR LPG Pickleholics WVR PC Super Seniors SR Dill Pickles CGR Fairways Posse
Men 65+ 4.0 EVR Stevie’s Wonders SR Quailenators WVR Festival Falcons
Men 65+ 4.5 WVR Dink & Drive EVR Mangos

EVR Encore Kitchen Heat

Captain: Don Breiland

Co-captain: Gene Berg

EVR LPG Pickleholics

Captain: Dennis Killoran

Co-captain: Dan Muller

EVR Stevie’s Wonders

Captain: Keith Ori

Co-captain: Jerry Strom

WVR Dink & Drive

Captain: Lonne Kaufman

Co-captain: Terry Pellam

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Mixed 50+ 3.0 EVR Solera Mixed Nuts WVR Couples Therapy CGR Good Time Picklers! SR Not My Fault
Mixed 50+ 3.5 CGR Guys and Dolls EVR Solera Fireballs WVR Stingers SR Just Dill With It!
Mixed 50+ 4.0 EVR Ballbusters Mixed 50+ 4.0 SR Gallery G N G CGR DC Comix WVR Victory Mixed
Mixed 50+ 4.5 WVR Game On EVR Spin Doctors
Mixed 50+ 4.5/5.0 SR The Ranch Mixed CGR Amistad
Mixed 50+ 4.5/5.0 Team Victory Surprise! Different Strokes

EVR Solera Mixed Nuts

Captain: Lauren Sato

Co-captain: Michael Young

CGR Guys and Dolls

Captain: Dawn LaBarge

Co-Captain: Karen Schuman

EVR Ballbusters Mixed 50+ 4.0

Captain: Angel Singer

Co-captain: Alan Singer

WVR Game On

Captain: Janelle Barclay Lobmeir

Co-captain: Kari Rambo

SR The Ranch Mixed

Captain: Bill Reynolds

Co-captain: Keith Sturdivant

Team Victory

Captain: Jan Yu

Flight Champions 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
Mixed 65+ 3.0 EVR Encore Court Jesters WVR Prickly Pairs CGR Golden Picklers SR Vail Thunder
Mixed 65+ 3.5 SR Mod Squad EVR Village Dinkers WVR Sun Dancers
Mixed 65+ 4.5 WVR Mixed Nuts EVR Tangos

EVR Encore Court Jesters

Captain: Cheryl Breiland

Co-captain:  Debbie Bacon

SR Mod Squad

Captain: Kurt Simpson

Co-Captain: Natalie Ashburn

WVR Mixed Nuts

Captain: Lonne Kaufman

Co-captain: Terry Pellam