Serious gameplay for serious players

We know advanced players are all about the competition. With our team-style advanced leagues (4.5 & 5.0 flights), you’ll only play against equally skilled players in a highly competitive environment. You get all the social benefits of pickleball but with the competitive edge that pushes you to master all strategies and skills (if you haven’t done so already!).

Advanced Pickler? This Is for You

Perfect your technique

You’ve mastered your shots and can easily switch up your pace and strategies. With the variety of competition that comes with a team-based format, you’ll have constant opportunities to fine tune and showcase your advanced skills.

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Even playing

If you’re a pro at pickleball, beginner players are no match for you. Thanks to our team-based league format, you’ll only compete with other advanced players that will challenge you and drive you to succeed — and you’ll do the same for them.

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Extreme competition

The thrill of competition is one reason you love pickleball. In our advanced league, the competition is turned up a few notches with players that are looking for constant practice and opportunities to face off against an equally skilled opponent.

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