APPL 2024 Winter Season Match Rescheduling

Use the below form to reschedule your Home Court for APPL Managed Venues.

  1. Review Match Rescheduling Policy and FIRST contact the other captain to discuss match rescheduling.
  2. YOU MUST HAVE LEAGUE COORDINATOR APPROVAL to reschedule a match after the designated reschedule period.
  3. THE HOME TEAM CAPTAIN must request the schedule change.
  4. Select your Region.
  5. Select the Venue. You may not switch venues for rescheduling.
  6. View the available slots for your venue. NOTE THE WEEK STARTS ON MONDAY. Days with available time slots are highlighted with a white background. If there are no available time slots for that venue and day, the Day will display with a red background.
  7. View the various options to see available time slots and the number of slots available (within the parenthesis). Select your desired time slot.
  8. Complete your information including your Team Name, Reschedule Reason, Flight (i.e. W50+ 3.5), Original Match date and indicate Yes or No if you have obtained LC (League Coordinator) Approval.  DOUBLE CHECK THAT ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT. Press Submit.
  9. You will get an instant message “You have successfully requested a schedule change. Change is pending until confirmed by APPL” at the bottom of the form and a follow-up email with your reservation information.
  10. Your request for reschedule will be reviewed by the APPL team and either denied and canceled or approved and confirmed
  11. DO NOT change your Pickleball Scores day and time until you have received the CONFIRMATION  from APPL Managed Venue coordinator.