February 13, 2023


We are midway through the 2023 season and Region Championships are up for grabs! In most flights the team with the most Standing Points at the end of the regular season is the Region Champ. However, there are 25+ flights throughout the 2023 APPL state-wide league that were split into subflights due to the amount of teams in the flight. They will require a playoff to
determine the winner of the main flight and thus the Regional Champion in that flight.

In preparation for those playoffs, APPL has set the dates/times for each playoff and has paid to reserve the courts. We are publishing these dates early so that you can inform your team to Save the Date, in the event you are one of the playoff teams. The dates/times/courts will not be subject to rescheduling (unless due to bad weather) as the State Championship is soon to

The Playoff Schedule for the East Valley, West Valley and Southern Regions can be found in the Downloadable Forms area of the Regional Websites titled “Playoff Schedules” and also in the Player Resources page of the main APPL website under Get Started. A playoff is simply an APPL match between the two contending teams. In some cases there will be more than one playoff match. Please review to see if your flight will require a playoff to determine the Region Championship team. If you have any questions regarding the playoff format and/or how your team might qualify for the playoffs, please contact your appropriate League Coordinator.

● You might have rostered players who play on other APPL teams, even in a different Region. If these players are to be on your playoff lineup, then please make sure that they are committed to your team’s playoff date/time as there might be conflicts with
other APPL Regional playoffs. We suggest that players commit to your playoff lineup ASAP to allow you, the captain, to add more players to your roster if necessary. The deadline to add players has been extended to Monday February 20th at 5pm.
● Reminder: Players in your Region playoff lineup must have played one regular season match and players in your State Championship lineup must have either played two regular season matches or one regular season match and one playoff match.

Good luck the remainder of the season,
Your APPL Team